Does this sound like you?


Are you a busy working mum trying to juggle work and family life and over time have lost sight of your sense of self and what matters most to you? You are also probably a high achiever, motivated and have a keen interest in striving to be the best version of you. However, in times when life gets so busy it’s very easy to lose clarity and direction and ultimately your enjoyment in daily life.

Every woman who comes to coaching has many positive aspects in their life, yet they also experience many of the following challenges. Does this sound like you?

Feeling Overwhelmed

– Feeling stressed and overwhelmed in trying to do everything
– Juggling many different balls in the air with work and family
– A feeling of ‘keeping your head above water’
– A growing sense of being ‘out of control’ in life
– You are unsure where to even start to make changes

Lost Clarity

– You feel stuck and a lack of direction and purpose in your life
– You are at a crossroad and have lost perspective on the bigger picture
– You don’t know how to change things and feel better about yourself
– Feeling frustrated with not being honest with yourself
– You have lost touch with what you enjoy in life

Busyness Overload

– Always rushing from one thing to the next
– Little or no downtime or feeling like you can relax
– Feeling frustrated there is not enough time for what you have to get done
– You feel frustrated that there is no time for things to change

Lost Sense of Self

– Feeling like you have lost confidence with who you really are
– You don’t know what your core values are, let alone be aligned with them
– A feeling a being ‘out of sorts’ and not knowing what you want
– You don’t feel good enough and feel people will judge you for that
– You don’t feel people understand how you are feeling

Bottom of your ‘To Do’ list

– Putting yourself last after everyone else is taken care of
– Trying to please everyone else at the expense of pleasing yourself
– You don’t get the chance to make a change, so you don’t do anything
– Finding it challenging to say ‘no’ to everyone’s else’s needs

Switched on 24/7

– Have high expectations of yourself to be and do more
– Feeling guilty if you take time out for yourself
– A pressure to achieve more so you need to keep doing more
– A feeling of stress and anxiety when things don’t go to plan

Imposter Syndrome

– Everything looks good on the surface but underneath it’s not
– You feel a sense of unfulfillment even though you feel you shouldn’t
– You pretend that everything is okay and that you have it all together
– You put on a façade every day and it takes a lot of energy to keep it there

This is a pretty heavy load to carry each day. Sounds like it’s probably time to lighten the load. The best way to get a snapshot of where you are is with my Life and Wellbeing Quiz. Check out Step #2 and find out your score.

Life and Wellbeing Quiz