Hello and welcome…I’m Julie, a Mindset Coach and mum to 4 growing kids.

Mindset Coaching is the invisible 'Super-Power' behind every courageous, confident and successful woman.

I empower ambitious women 40+ who are willing to step outside their comfort zone to achieve courageous goals while facing their fears, staying grounded with their values and connecting with what makes them feel most alive!

I provide 1:1 Mindset Coaching weekly, fortnightly or monthly in person or over the phone starting with a FREE 15-min ‘Discovery Call’ to clarify what you want.

If you’re willing to be challenged and inspired to achieve results, I’m here to hold you accountable. Let’s discover your definition of success and action a plan so you can rise to greater freedom both in your work and personal life.

Connecting to your ‘Super-Power’ starts here.

“I can honestly say that my life functions better when you are in it than when you are not…I couldn’t wait for our sessions each week, because I knew that during our meetings with one another, I would arrive at a place of truth and honesty – I would be allowed to just be, and be given the gift of being connected with another, in an unconditional way, as well as to myself. You are both skilled in your ability as a coach and blessed in your ability to take people to another level. You were always flexible enough to allow me to go here I needed to go, and yet structured enough to keep me moving forward rather than circling around in the mess of my ‘stories’. You were often more clear about who I was than I was:”


Mum and Small Business Owner

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For just an hour a week or fortnight, these sessions promise to reconnect you with what really matters so the other 167 hours of your week are happier, healthier and more fulfilling. Allow me to support you today!

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