Mindset Coaching

Taking a fresh look at the thoughts you think, words you speak and actions you take.

Looking at You Girl

We live in a busy world and dealing with the constant demands of juggling households, family, work and relationships requires a lot of management. Striving to be better, more competitive, smarter, better looking while chasing bigger bank accounts and taking more and more on can be overwhelming. Working with a Life Coach presses the pause button to prioritise time and space for what you value most. It’s the vehicle to look after you when you are looking after everybody else. It’s your go-to toolkit for focusing on your needs, your values, your well-being, your habits and your best self. Remember you matter too.

Bigger Picture Stuff

The focus is on those things that are most important in your life. It’s taking time out to discover what matters most to you and what your values are. Identifying what your core values are is the best way of letting go of a habit than no longer supports you as well as introducing a habit that enriches your life. Life is a little like a business, further to working in a business we also need to work on the business to help it to flourish and grow. It’s important to step outside of your life to create distance which in turn gives clarity. Reflecting on how you spend your time can be an eye-opening exercise especially if you’re travelling through your day on autopilot.

Your Best Self

Our busy lives of lengthy to-do lists of maintaining a family household often results in finding ourselves at the bottom of that to-do list. Fortunately however, we can choose to carve out time to look after ourselves and spend time getting back to our sense of purpose by reviewing, recharging and reconnecting with what we value most. As a result, your best self comes back to life and you naturally live simpler, think clearer, you are kinder to yourself, you start your day in a better mood and you feel calmer in the busyness of family life. You’ll also receive more compliments as people notice the best version of you.

Power of Habits

For most of our day many of us are on autopilot. It’s been a certain way for so long that we can’t even remember when it was different. It’s human nature to do the same thing over and over because there’s no fear of the unknown. It then becomes a habit hardwired into the brain. We don’t even know we are doing them. We feel safe but we also crave growth. From the moment we decide to think of being different, life responds and brings us experiences to get us feeling back on track. Change brings about fresh thoughts, ideas and feelings. It’s healthy to shift from autopilot to manual and be mindful of everything we do in our day. This mindfulness brings joy to our day.

It Takes Two

Having someone like a Life Coach who doesn’t know your past, who is challenging and also supportive, and who will relate to you as your best self is uplifting and refreshing. We underestimate just how beneficial it is to have someone take a fresh look at your life, especially when you’re tangled up in the daily grind. It’s also important to have someone who has a knack for identifying and highlighting your strengths while promoting a growth mindset. A Life Coach will remind you of the things you consider important in life. Sometimes the people who are closest to you have their own agendas which can get in the way of cheering you on to achieve the best version of yourself.

Fresh Inspiring Goals

The ultimate role of a Life Coach is to bring out the best in you and focus only on the goals you love. It’s an elegantly simple process where the coach reminds you of what brings you the most joy in life. Creating and working on goals that inspire you will not only tip the scales in favour of fulfillment in that one hour session but they will also enhance the positive choices you make in the other 167 hours of your week. You will rethink your eating choices, your sleep habits, how you relate to those closest to you, how kind you are to yourself and how present you are with your children. Your best self as well as your family will thank you for it.

Why It Works



Look at your real habits, attitudes and beliefs.


People want you to be who you really are. Being authentic is empowering.


This is a rare experience today in the busyness of life.


Follow your own path, not what others want you to be.


Feeling inspired isn’t about what you are doing, its about who you are being.


Use your intuition to bring you the results you want when you want them.


This is the heart of happiness in this world.


When you are present you take different choices and experience new.

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A Simple Guide on Health and Wellbeing Professionals

What do they do?How do they do it?What is their aim?Who do they see?For how long?
GPGP’s care for patients in the health of the whole person and treats all common medical conditions in the context of their work, family and community.By providing advice, education and treatment across all disease categories relating to physical, psychological and social aspects of care.To be the first point of contact for personal health problems and refers to specialists when necessary.All individuals across all ages, male and female, children and adults with any medical condition.Commonly over a period of their lifetime.
PsychologistClinical psychologists assess, diagnose and treat mental, emotional and behavioural disorders.By developing a management plan for treatment and recovery using techniques such as cognitive behavioural therapy.To help individuals cope with all forms of psychological disorders.Individuals who experience major psychological challenges such as stress, trauma, depression, anxiety, addictions or distressing past events that impact everyday function.Both short and long-term services.
CounsellorA counsellor provides a supportive, therapeutic and trusting relationship to anyone who is struggling with a personal concern or unresolved issue.By offering talk-based therapy to help explore, identify, understand and address problems, clarify the issues, and explore options to reach resolutions.To develop an understanding of the issues and resolve past emotional pain and hence create positive change to get back to functioning normally again in daily life.Individuals with psychological issues causing disharmony in daily life such as grief, loss, anger, anxiety and depression, relationship issues and life transitions such as separation.Both short and long-term services.
Life CoachA life coach inspires people to gain clarity, direction and positive change in areas of life including health, relationships, career, business, personal and creativity. They look at where you are now and close the gap to where you want to be in a challenging yet supportive partnership.By creating clear, meaningful and measurable goals and implementing a practical step-by-step action plan to achieve those goals. Awareness, insight, responsibility and positive habits are created using simple coaching tips, tools and techniques.To unlock potential through taking new action and seeing the possibilities with a new perspective. This inspires individuals to live simpler, think clearer and feel calmer to ultimately create a healthier and happier lifestyle.Individuals who are successful and goal-driven with solid overall health while looking to build the best version of themselves and achieve bigger goals, better habits, positive work/life balance and genuinely flourish.Varies from 1-12 sessions depending on individual needs. Regular ‘check-in’ sessions assist to maintain a meaningful and flourishing life.

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