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The great news is that in these times of busyness, there is someone who can support you to get back on track, clarify meaningful goals and direction, and guide you through a practical step-by-step action plan. Sharing what you want to achieve with someone brings your goals to life. When you experience having someone on your team such as a life coach wishing you to succeed, you will wonder why you didn’t get started earlier.

The following checklist contains the most common benefits received by women who work in partnership with a coach. Is this what you are looking for?

Calm and Confident

– To feel calmer in both work and family life
– To feel proactive and confident asking for what you really want
– To feel comfortable in your own shoes again
– To feel you are accepted for who you are

Relaxed and Real

– To feel aligned with your true self and your core values
– To feel the ‘joy’ in your life again
– To feel confident and free to be yourself around others
– To speak honestly and openly and be real in your communications
– To be yourself when connecting with family and friends

Great Clarity

– To feel you are moving forward with clarity, purpose and direction
– To be back in the driver’s seat again with your life
– To be able to say no when not aligned with your values
– To feel empowered knowing what works for you
– To have real clarity of the bigger picture
– To have ‘healthy’ expectations of yourself
– Clearly implement time management strategies to simplify commitments

Prioritise Yourself

– To prioritise yourself first on a regular basis (without feeling guilty)
– Schedule downtime to relax and rejuvenate yourself
– To exercise self-compassion and hence being the best version of yourself
– To prioritise and feel comfortable spending time doing things you enjoy
– To embrace positive habits that support your wellbeing
– To feel supported by an objective person to help you thrive and flourish

Feeling Fulfilled

– To have a real sense of fulfilment and empowerment in all life areas
– To feel content with ‘being enough’ and hence ‘doing enough’
– To embrace how ‘self-care’ benefits everyone in your work and family life
– To feel grateful with what you have in your life i.e. family, friends, health

Congratulations…It looks like you ready to make some changes to gain clarity, direction and overall wellbeing. And being an action girl like you, you’ll be back on track in no time. You’re now ready for step 4.

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