Game Changer Mindsets

Can you tell us a little bit about yourself?

My name is Adeline and I’m a mum to two beautiful, active boys who are the centre of our family of four. Having lived and worked in several countries, exposure to different cultures and experiences, enabled me to think broadly and profoundly about what I want from life. In a professional setting, I work in a multinational professional services firm and with a bunch of talented people to create supportive and inclusive environments.

What’s important to you in life?

Family, Financial and Emotional Stability, Freedom, Kindness, Growth, Courage and living a purposeful life.

What are some achievements you’re proud of?

Having a beautiful and stable family, a supportive, high performing team at work, supporting my local community by volunteering at a local public school and making progress in living the life I’ve wanted.


How has working with a coach helped you face your challenges?

I approached Julie for help with several challenges, including managing procrastination, perfectionism, and negative self-talk. Facing these challenges felt insurmountable, but by partnering with Julie, we were able to chip away at them slowly, steadily, and gently.

How has coaching expanded your mindset?

Coaching has helped un-stick my mindset – it’s provided me with the clarity on the values that I hold; to continue cultivating meaningful relationships with individuals who I want to be with, exploring new opportunities for growth and enabling me to practice gratitude for the life I have.

What qualities has coaching helped you discover (or rediscover) about yourself?

Coaching has been an instrumental tool in my self-discovery journey, enabling me to foster a deep-seated willingness to actively engage in personal growth and development. It encouraged me to venture beyond my comfort zone, which has been crucial in uncovering my true potential. This process has enabled me to align with my core values, ensuring they serve as a compass for my decisions, behaviour, and actions. Through coaching, I’ve learned to embrace my vulnerabilities with courage and confidence, presenting my authentic self to the world. Recognising the importance of self-care, I’ve incorporated well-being strategies that are vital in nurturing the best version of myself.

Furthermore, coaching has emphasised the value of regular reflection, enabling me to take a step back to gain clarity and direction in my life. It has taught me the significance of investing in meaningful relationships and the impact these connections have on my well-being. Taking responsibility for my choices and actions has empowered me to set and achieve meaningful goals, leading to fulfilling outcomes.

By ensuring that my words and actions are in harmony, I’ve been able to cultivate trust and respect from those around me. Ultimately, coaching has inspired me to make a positive difference in the world, contributing to society in significant yet subtle ways.

What do you do more of and less of now?

Seeking out new opportunities and worrying about what may be.

What self-care practices do you engage in to support your best self?

I had always considered resting as ‘slacking off’ or being selfish. When I was resting, I felt it meant I was not pulling my weight with parenting or maintaining a household. Coupled with the never-ending hustle of managing full time work and family schedules, I had inadvertently and constantly depleted my energy levels and was practically running on ‘empty’ by the end of the day. I was not aware of how this impacted the rest of my family, especially my children. Now, I prioritise rest and cultivate patience with myself. And my little ones have noticed a big difference!

How has your life improved as a result of the coaching journey?

I’ve transformed my life by engaging in personal growth, embracing challenges outside of my comfort zone and aligning with my core values. Regular reflection has provided clarity and direction, while investing in meaningful relationships have enriched this journey. Through small but significant actions, I feel that I am in the process of making a positive impact on the world, embodying courage, confidence and authenticity.

What would you say to someone wanting to get the most out of the coaching experience?

Be brave and try it. Approach coaching with an open mind and willingness to grow. Be prepared to really look and really understand yourself. Set specific goals and have an idea of what you want to get out of coaching. Be consistent and follow through on actions to get the most of your experience. There is much to be gained and very little to lose.

What quote inspires you to be your best self?

‘Courage is resistance to fear, mastery of fear, not absence of fear’. (Mark Twain)

What coaching tool has made the biggest difference to your life?

The Choice Point – thinking about whether a thought or action is helping or harming me.