1:1 Programs For Women

A Bespoke 1:1 coaching program will clarify your vision and goals, keep you focused on that chosen path, highlight the old habits that no longer serve you, support you through your fears, relate to you as your best self, expect you to play a bigger game, inspire you to make choices that align with your values and keep you committed to nurturing your authentic self.

Together we look at where you are at, where you want to be and close that gap in the most efficient and inspiring way possible.

Choose A Program Below That’s Right For You

The Complete Stress Less Find More Joy Program

(For women wanting to decrease stress in their life)

Finding My Purpose in 7 Simple Steps

(For women wanting to find their purpose)

Embracing My Confident Self in 90 Days

(For women wanting to gain confidence)

The Complete Guide to Finding the Best Version of Me

(For women wanting their best-self back)

The 90-Day Lifestyle Habits Detox Program

(For women wanting to create better habits for a healthier self)

The 7-Step Program to Sorting My Life

(For women who don’t know what they want)

My Best Confident, Healthier and Happier Me

(For women who want it ALL)

What's Included in Every Program

✔ 12 Sessions
  • First session is 90 mins, subsequent sessions are 60 mins.
  • Face to Face in North Sydney Offices or over the phone.
  • Weekly or fortnightly sessions.
✔ Introduction Session Coaching Tools
  • Overview of Coaching – This is a great opportunity to understand what coaching is, how it works and how it feels to have a coach committed to your vision and goals. You get a taste of a simple but powerful exercise that we do at the beginning of every coaching session to get super-focused.
  • Big Picture Analysis – This analysis takes a unique snapshot of your life so you can see the bigger picture and break it down into what matters most to you. This experience alone will give you clarity and inspiration and open your eyes to the possibilities that have been waiting in your blind-spot.
  • Primary Goals Creation – We identify those areas that are most important to you and create the most meaningful, measurable and magic goals that are worth going for. This vision of stepping into the future is a crucial process to clarify your goals.
  • Coaching Questionnaire – This is a self-reflective list of simple questions to create awareness about yourself. You will learn things that you didn’t see before and gain insight into what inspires you. Putting pen to paper welcomes those ‘light bulb’ moments and you truly start to see what makes you tick.
  • The Complete Life and Wellbeing Checklist – This exercise consists of 200 statements specific to your work/business/career, health/fitness, partner, family/friends, emotions/stress, money/finances, home and creativity. It identifies life areas that are flourishing and those that need some support. It is your own personal well-being ‘check-up’.
✔ Additional Coaching Tools
  • Client Worksheets – These worksheets give you structure to the sessions. They include your
    relationship to the goal, the context of the session, reviewing your actions and noting any insights along the way. They also provide accountability with your next step actions.
  • 7 Step-by-Step Strategies Plan – This very simple but effective strategy plan closes the gap of where you are now to where you want to be. Many people miss the very first step which can make all the difference to you getting to where you want to be. This plan can be applied to every single goal you have and easily repeated once you know the strategies.
  • Core Values Identification – This exercise allows you to identify your top 7 values from a
    comprehensive list of 200 core life values. You explore if you are aligning the choices you make every day with these values and where you may need to focus more attention to truly flourish with your health and happiness.
  • My Beliefs – This exercise allows you to identify your self-limiting beliefs which prevent you from moving forward. They are actually hard to spot as we believe they are true. Bringing them to your awareness allows you to let them go if they no longer serve you, freeing you up to create new positive affirmations.
  • My Vision Board – Your vision board is a personalised masterpiece of everything you love. Your mind loves images and will focus on creating those experiences. This exercise is one of the ‘most enjoyable’ exercises for women as you are totally free to be yourself in this creation process.
✔ Bonus Well-Being Toolkit
  • My Definition of Success – What does success really look like for you.
  • My Character Strengths – Your unique strengths when you are totally free to be yourself.
  • Positive Habits Checklists – Daily, weekly, fortnightly, monthly and yearly checklists.
  • Gratitude Practices – Techniques to slow you down, decrease stress and feel calmer.
  • Mindfulness and Meditation – Discover your own powerful inner source of peace.
  • My Health Checklist – Keep track of the 13 most important health checks for women.
  • Declutter My Home – Top tips to free up your headspace and overall life.
  • My Bucket List – Your personal list of experiences to tick off in your lifetime.
  • What I Love – Gain inspiration from this extensive list of 175 most-loved activities.
  • Free Well-Being Apps – Simple yet powerful apps that boost our well-being every day.
✔ 158 Positive Lifestyle Habits E-Book

A simple, inspiring and practical e-book jam-packed with top tips to create a positive mind, healthy body, happy soul, better relationships, flourishing finances and an inspiring home.

✔ Unlimited Email and Phone Support Between Sessions
  • Included in 12 and 4 session packages.

12 Session Coaching Package Investment



AUD $1995

(you save $2618)

Package Inclusions

12 Sessions of Life Coaching…………..…………$2988.00

Introductory Session Coaching Tools.……….$295.00

Additional Coaching Tools……………….………….$695.00

Bonus Well-Being Toolkit……….……………..…….$495.00

158 Positive Habits E-Book……….…..………….…..$45.00

Unlimited Email/Phone Support……….………….$95.00

TOTAL PACKAGE VALUE…………………………….$4,613.00

  • I understand committing to 12 sessions is a little daunting for some women, so I have created an option of 4-session packages at $795. Please mention this option when you are making your booking.
  • If coaching is a completely new concept and you want to dip your feet into the experience, then a great place to start is with a single session at $249. Please mention this option when you are making your booking.

‘At a Glance’ Coaching Package Inclusions

Coaching Tools12 Sessions4 Sessions1 Session
Overview of Coaching
Big Picture Analysis
Primary Goals Creation
Coaching Questionnaire
The Complete Life and Wellbeing Checklist
Client Worksheets
7 Step-by-step Strategies Plan
Core Values Identification
My Beliefs
My Vision Board
My Definition of Success
My Character Strengths
Positive Habits Checklists
Gratitude Practices
Mindfulness and Meditation
My Health Checklist
Declutter My Home
My Bucket List
What I Love
Free Well-Being Apps
158 Positive Habits E-Book
Your Investment$1995$795$249