The Life Stylist Promise

As a Professional Life Coach I promise to:

  • Provide a relaxed, welcoming and trusting environment in every session
  • Provide integrity, sincerity and authentic down-to-earth coaching approach
  • Provide a safe and accepting space to freely express your thoughts, feelings and fears
  • Provide confidentiality throughout the entire coach client relationship
  • Be congruent with my coaching approach from the first to the final session
  • Relate to you as your best possible self and expect you to live as your best self
  • Reassure you that how you feel through change is very normal and expected
  • Guide you gently side-by-side to get unstuck and create the path right for you
  • Commit to your growth so you think bigger and can see your goals are possible
  • Always demonstrate coaching qualities of being proactive, positive and practical
  • Ask you questions that focus on what you want for your life
  • Listen carefully and respectfully without judgement or agendas
  • Stretch and challenge your growth while always nurturing and encouraging you
  • Inspire you to be open to new possibilities and being motivated to pursue them
  • Allow you to be heard and feel understood at all times
  • Maintain accountability to ensure you achieve the goals you create
  • Support you when you are out of your comfort zone to the other side
  • Help you to navigate the challenges and obstacles carefully and successfully
  • Support you to stay on track when it gets challenging
  • Give you undivided focus and strength to believe in yourself
  • Guide you to be comfortable as well as inspired with your authentic self
  • Help you let go of judging yourself so harshly and instead have self-compassion
  • Realistically establish long-term positive habits to support your wellbeing
  • Focus on taking practical positive action forward to achieve new results

My Satisfaction Guarantee

If you don’t feel 100% comfortable with my coaching style in the initial 30 minutes of your first session, we will happily conclude the session and this half hour is complimentary with no questions asked.